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Avanced genetic testing can now predict diabetes complications
Presented by Professor Grant Morahan
Wednesday 13th Novemebr 2013
6-8pm RPH

If you would like to attend, send an email to:


The West Australian Road Transport Authority (WARTA)
Corporate Golf Day 2013

On the 8th October 2013 at Joondalup Gold Course & Resort

Transport industry representatives and operators came together to help raise much
needed funds for diabetes research in WA..

WARTA and DRF have now joined toghether in a strong partnership to ensure research
continues into diabetes in WA. All funds raised will remain in WA for research projects
that have the best potential to find a cure for diabetes (like generating stem cells and
preventing diabetes) and ways to improve the lives for those who live with diabetes.

Thank you to all our sponsors for a very successful day and we look forward to building
on this great day in 2014.

Spponsors of the day include:


'Discoveries in Diabetes'

DRF Research update and awards Wednesday 13th November 2013

Venue: Royal Perth Hospital
Time 6pm for 6.30 start
Professor Grant Morahan will present
'Genetic testing can now predict diabetes complications'
Refreshments will be available following the presentation.

Please send us an email if you would like an invitation.

WA Discoveries in Diabetes 2012
Friday 16th November
Patersons Oval Subiaco

Free public lecture
Monday 11th July 5pm
McDonald Lecture Theatre PMH

'Growing up with diabetes: ages, stages and challenges' .......presented by Prof Fergus Cameron. 

Click here to download the flyer


Join us at the 'Rally for Research' in Murray Street Mall Perth.
Help us stop funding cuts to research

CWA Girl Power Walk 2011 - 3rd April 2011

CWA branches from across WA joined with the DRF for a
5km walkathon to raise over $13,000 research into diabetes.


What a wonderful event. Thank you to all who participated!!

DRFWA Research Symposium 2010

Professor Alex Cohen, Lakshini Weerasekera
(Alex Cohen Scholarship recipient)
and Lois Balmer (Centre for Diabetes Research)
at the DRFWA Research Symposium 2010

Convoy for Kids July 2009

World Diabetes Day 2009

World Diabetes Day 2008

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